Steel Hydraulic Adapters 

Our steel hydraulic adapters come in many configurations. We have your pipe fittings, female pipe swivels, 37° JIC flare adapters, straight thread o-ring boss (SAE/ORB), and many more.

Industrial Supply offers a multitude of items ranging from camlocks, hydraulic hose, industrial hose, pipe fittings, hydraulic quick couplers, gauges, and many more industrial type products. If you see something on the site that you would like to know more about, or if there is something that you were looking for in particular that’s not on the site, please contact us at (360) 734-6330 and we’ll be there to help you as we pride ourselves with “Service Being Our Most Important Product”.

  • Steel Female Pipe Swivels (NPSM)
    Our steel female pipe swivels come in many configurations such as 1404 male pipe adapter, 1501 90 male pipe elbow, 1503 45 male pipe elbow, and many more. These pipe fittings have NPSM threads, which stands for National Pipe Straight Mechanical, that ar
  • Steel 37°JIC Flare
    Our steel 37 degree JIC flare come in many configurations. The JIC connection is widely used in hydraulic systems. When the straight threads are engaged, the 37 degree male seat seals on the 37 degree female flare seat which allows a complete mechanical s
  • Steel Straight Thread O-Ring Boss (SAE/ORB)
    Our steel SAE straight thread o-ring boss (ORB) come in many configurations. This straight thread connection uses the same threads as the 37 degree JIC. However the 37 degree flare has been removed and an o ring has been added. When mated with a female o
  • Steel Pipe Fittings (NPTF)
    Our steel pipe fittings come in many configurations such as 5404 male pipe hex nipple, 5000 female pipe coupling, 5404N seamless pipe nipple, and many more. These pipe fittings have NPTF threads, which stands for American Standard Taper Pipe Duel Dryseal