Air Hose, Fittings, & Accessories 

We stock air hoses, coiled hoses, couplers and connectors, blow guns, filters, regulators, lubricators, and many more air hose fittings and accessories.

Industrial Supply offers a multitude of items ranging from camlocks, hydraulic hose, industrial hose, pipe fittings, hydraulic quick couplers, gauges, and many more industrial type products. If you see something on the site that you would like to know more about, or if there is something that you were looking for in particular that’s not on the site, please contact us at (360) 734-6330 and we’ll be there to help you as we pride ourselves with “Service Being Our Most Important Product”.
  • Blow Guns & Tips
    We stock Blow Guns & Tips for air hose and blow guns.
  • Filters, Regulators, & Lubricators
    We stock Filters, Regulators, & lubricators for your compressed air systems.
  • Ball Swivel Fittings
    We stock Ball Swivel Fittings in the automotive style, industrial style, and conversions.
  • Air Chucks & Tire Pressure Gauges
    We stock Air Chucks & Tire Pressure Gauges for your vehicles tires.
  • Manifolds
    We stock Manifolds which are an excellent alternative to running hose or pipe lines from the compressor.
  • Straight Hose
    We stock Straight Hose which is made of reinforced polyurethane which gives great strength and durability at a lighter weight.
  • Plastic Tubing
    We stock Plastic Tubing in polyurethane and nylon 11 materials. Polyurethane has become a popular choice for tubing due to it's extreme flexibility and resistance kinking. Nylon 11 tubing is for applications requiring low density, lightweight toughness, f
  • Coiled Hose & Fittings
    We stock Coiled Hose & Fittings for your compressed air systems.
  • Couplers & Connectors
    We stock many Couplers and Connectors for air hose ranging from Automotive Interchange, Industrial Interchange, Aro Interchange, Automotive Tru-Flate Interchange, and many more.